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We specialize in servicing the corporate sector and can take care of total management of your car rental needs through a single window service system manned by staff who is always on a call-forwarding mode. offers car rental or taxi services from Bangalore. Reserve a rental car from car rental and get a great price online or phone. Find out how easy it is to book a luxury car today.

Cab Services in Bangalore

We provide Cab Services across Bangalore.Our experienced drivers to make your time and comfort travels in the city.

Our Fleet

Our fleet of large corporate houses and at leisure carefully selected to meet the exacting needs of the customer, including a wide range of vehicle models. We from chauffer drive, weekly and monthly car rentals from based on your requirements, it's gives you relief. Our experienced car drivers to make your trip is wonderful.

Car Rental Rates in Bangalore

Kindly call us to know the cab rental rates in Bangalore. We provide special discounts on advance booking and pick up and drop, log distance trips, etc.

The best rental prices on luxury, economy, and family rental cars our car rental rates are resonable and flat. Luxury cars at low rates enjoy fast and easy car rental bookings from Cheapest Car Hire service in Bangalore

Booking Car/Cab/Taxi in Bangalore:

Luxury cars at low rates enjoy fast and easy car rental bookings from Customers Can Book Cab online or through phone our dedicated customer care support team book your rentals car and confirm. Luxury cars at low rates reserve online or throgh phone(080 4488 4400) today.

Bangalore Travel also offers long term leasing program for which you could simply choose your rental period from 5 months to 3 years and enjoy a guaranteed monthly contract rate with the option with / without chauffeur/ fuel.

Bangalore Travel car hire services bangalore provides you uniformed, police verified and well trained chauffeurs and even airport representatives. Bangalore Travel car hire services Bangalore also offers long term leasing programs on its fleet from five months to three years. It is completely engaged in providing services according to your travel requirements.

  In Bangalore Travel Car Rental   Services: